• The Smurf's Society (Gaming App + Smart Contracts)

    In charge of the web3 application built with Next.js. Implemented state of the art web3 navigation and security (wallet connection, network switching, message signatures, contract interactions), with many web3 tools (wagmi, ethers.js, hardhat) and protocols (Lens, XMTP etc...)

  • The Haughty Mummies (NFT Collection)

    Worked with and advised The Haughty Mummies team until the launch of their Solana NFT collection: landing page creation, generation of the 4000+ pieces of art + metadata.

  • Paralleelium (NFT Collection)

    NFTs collection (smart contract ERC721) made for Makelab studio based in Tallinn. Deployment to Ethereum Main network, development of the minting and landing page.

  • Peuf Name Service (NFT)

    NFTs (ERC721 tokens) powered with Solidity smart contract, deployed on Polygon test network and mintable from a web3 app.

  • Mixed Marvelous Mermaids (NFT Collection)

    NFT experiment. Collection of pixel art generated programmatically and then minted on OpenSea.io

  • Zen Option V2

    Revamping of the full website and blog. Frontend made with Gatsby, migration of the existing backend from Wordpress to Contentful.

  • Myror

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Instagram, Vercel), Security, Infrastructure

  • Vocavore

    Full-stack: Front-end, Back-end, Infrastructure

  • Knocker

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard, blog), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Google Places, Facebook, Twilio, Mailchimp...), Security, Infrastructure

  • Runbnb

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Airbnb, Twilio, Mailchimp...), Security, Infrastructure

  • Zen Option

    Wordpress, Payment gateway integration

  • Le Manoir des Bougainvilliers

    Landing Page

  • City Girl Cooks

    Landing Page, CMS, Wordpress

  • Banaue Trekking

    Landing Page, CMS