• The Haughty Mummies (NFT Collection)

    Worked with and advised The Haughty Mummies team until the launch of their Solana NFT collection: landing page creation, generation of the 4000+ pieces of art + metadata.

  • Paralleelium (NFT Collection)

    NFTs collection (smart contract ERC721) made for Makelab studio based in Tallinn. Deployment to Ethereum Main network, development of the minting and landing page.

  • Peuf Name Service (NFT)

    NFTs (ERC721 tokens) powered with Solidity smart contract, deployed on Polygon test network and mintable from a web3 app.

  • Mixed Marvelous Mermaids (NFT Collection)

    NFT experiment. Collection of pixel art generated programmatically and then minted on OpenSea.io

  • Zen Option V2

    Revamping of the full website and blog. Frontend made with Gatsby, migration of the existing backend from Wordpress to Contentful.

  • Myror

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Instagram, Vercel), Security, Infrastructure

  • Vocavore

    Full-stack: Front-end, Back-end, Infrastructure

  • Knocker

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard, blog), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Google Places, Facebook, Twilio, Mailchimp...), Security, Infrastructure

  • Runbnb

    Full-stack: Front-end (landing, dashboard), Back-end, API integrations (Stripe, Airbnb, Twilio, Mailchimp...), Security, Infrastructure

  • Zen Option

    Wordpress, Payment gateway integration

  • Le Manoir des Bougainvilliers

    Landing Page

  • City Girl Cooks

    Landing Page, CMS, Wordpress

  • Banaue Trekking

    Landing Page, CMS